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Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high….We come forward now in this moment of your time and indeed many of us are deeply aware that these times are absolutely unprecedented.

In these powerful times that we are in – we are all bearing witness to what could accurately be called the “Changing of the Guard” by this we are referring to the timeline that marks the end of the age of Darkness Kali-yuga and the opening dawn of the golden age that which is known as the Satya Yuga.

Indeed we have arrived at the time in the Cosmic clock whereby it is 11:59 and we are about to truly and absolutely enter into eternal and abiding peace, abundance, happiness, health, community and eternal well-being for all of us forever.

We are approaching the great shift of the ages whereby all of the gold that was stolen by the royal family’s and the Vatican and Chinese globalists is now on the verge of being returned back to humanity,  and here we are speaking about absolutely utterly unimaginable amounts of gold.

There is so much for us to speak about in this sacred writing. As we have arrived at this precipice it is so important that we come together in our global Ascension groups during these times, to assist the forces of light who are doing mother father God’s greatest work-  particularly the White hat military who are having to experience the most horrific and horrendous crimes, as all of our world, our inner world (underground bases) and outer worlds are truly being taken over by the great great forces of light that are known as the white hats and also as the alliance, and are working in absolute accordance with God’s Golden plan for humanity.

We are the universal and global ground crew starseeds who are part of the white hat Alliance and who have returned back in full warrior mode to assist in this great truth and hold our vibration stable in the knowing, Remembrance and recognition of our true heritage as mother-father God’s Direct offspring, which makes us automatically of the highest and holiest royal bloodline.

Remembrance means there is no more Veil, and finally, the child self is allowed to be free and play again. 

A strong aspect of this message is to remind all of us to Hold Steady to our stabilized vibration of peace and calm and Deep Deep trust in the great glory of God.

Since the beginning of me Jen sharing these ascension reports they have always come through as channelled messages from my white wolf team, but I am being strongly guided today to reach out as myself Jen in this sacred message to say thank you to all of the brothers and sisters who are open to receive this truth that comes from the living heart of love.

I am sharing a great deal about what is currently transpiring on my Facebook profile page and I invite You To me please come and follow me there if you wish to keep updated with the powerful military Intel that I am receiving in real-time from high-level insiders.

Brothers and sisters, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of remaining stable and calm at this time as many of your family members will possibly be going into fear it is imperative that you stay light and smiling and happy and knowing that a great plan is unfolding right now which the general public has not been privy to. and this is largely due to the fact that the mainstream media has been controlled by opposing forces to the white hats / The Alliance/ Forces of light, and so, therefore, we have been 100% dependent on independent digital Warriors also known as Anons who have had the Stealth, diligence and profound intelligence to put together and in fact decode this great changing of the guard or military takeover that is occurring at the highest galactic and universal levels right now.

Brothers and Sisters, Please know we are absolutely and completely supported by the highest galactic beings in creation. The time whereby Darkness has ruled over this earth is complete. The timeline has collapsed there is no more fuel in the tank ..the forces of light have been victorious there was no other plan God does not need a plan B, as plan A has always been – victory to the light and victory to the light is where We Stand right now as a collective Risen humanity.

There is a continuous reminder Everywhere at the moment of the importance of starseeds coming together in their large Ascension groups at these times in order to support the forces of light and What they are doing, and the job that they are doing, and therefore it is an absolute privilege to invite you to the next global ceremony that will be taking place at the time of equinox on the 19th of March 2020.

In this transmission, we are being guided to send a huge wave of ground crew powerfully encoded strength and support to all of the forces of light who are having to experience such horrendous things for the sake of the liberation of humanity. We are also being very strongly guided to anchor the timeline of the new Earth whereby we are living in our eco Communities, growing our organic vegetables living with our temple spaces where we honour the Divine in every second of our existence -whereby are we have access to the highest advanced technologies that have been available to all of our galactic brethren for aeons, technologies that will instantly heal all of our imbalances and ailments, that will recreate amputated limbs and indeed cure all diseases in a matter of minutes. These technologies are currently available but have been kept hidden from humanity by the forces that never ever had humanity’s highest interests at heart. But this timeline is over and your birthright is being restored back to you dear ones.

Therefore it is my greatest honour to invite you, my brother and sister, to come and join this global community to activate all of our grid points in deep Love and sacred Union as the Powerful ground crew- come forward in support for all of our brothers and sisters on the Frontline – all of the dear white hats who are now cleaning up this beautiful beautiful earth that mother Father God created for all her children.

Please see below for full details to book onto the transmission and please know that you do not have to be on the live call to receive the power of the transmission it is just as powerful to tune in at any point afterwards as this frequency will be anchored in the zero point field which is the moment of the Eternal Now.

This is also a sacred opportunity to support myself as a warrior of light and the endless hours I put in serving God through serving my brothers and sisters and diligently sharing all of the Intel that I am sent as it comes, and is a wonderful way for you to support me knowing that the work that I do online is truly the work that I do full-time for God.

Thank you so much for listening to this sacred message brothers and sisters it feels so powerful to share this as myself, Jen. I will send a prayer out now from my deepest heart for you to know the eternal peace that your soul resides in, That you will remember that you are under no obligation to carry around your story and in every moment your higher self invites you to put that burden down. To relax, to be empty, to be present. It is always simply your choice which is creating your reality moment-to-moment for you are a powerful creator and whatever you choose is what you will experience so choose to put down the burden of your story.

Everybody has a story, nobody is special. We are all equally revered by our holy parents, This is your sign from the universe for you to stop identifying with the victim narrative that you have been carrying for your lifetime. This program that has been enforced- brutally enforced onto all of us by this archonic society that we as brave light Warriors choose to incarnate into at this time of the great shift.

This one thing will liberate you for eternity but remember you must always practice diligence in your Awakening and there there are no moments off and every moment your eGo is desperate to strike and that every moment we must be diligent like the Tiger awaiting that moment  2 pounce upon that unwanted negative vibrational visitor that we call thoughts

I really cannot stress this enough brothers and sisters but it is absolutely imperative that we break all records and have as many souls as possible coming forward for the equinox transmission. the white hats the alliance need us the ground crew to step forward and send a wave of Extraordinary profound and highly auspicious support to them at this time.

in Love and Eternal Light Jen

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here is the link to the phenomonal fb group “THE EVENT KEEPS HAPPENING”


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