Ascension, Gaia, Abundance Programs and the birth of the Golden Age of Enlightenment

Ascension / Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine via Goldenlight

December 21, 2012 By The Golden Light Channel

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Can you tell us more about ascension?

The higher dimensional energies of the the 5th dimension and beyond began infiltrating your earth some time ago….and these higher dimensional energies locked into Mother Earth/Gaia’s crystalline grid on the 12-12-12. Today is the Inauguration Day of the New Earth ~ a higher dimensional world being born by Lightworkers, starseeds, star channels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Source. All will begin to “tune” into this world sooner or later…..and your human bodies will also be a part of this “tuning in” as you are “ascending” or “harmonizing with the higher frequencies” at your own pace. Some are 100% tuned into this frequency, and others are coming on board slowly.

Many may be confused today about whether they are “ascending” or what the actual ascension process is like. Ascension is simply a raising of your frequencies and an increase in your awareness and intent of harmonizing with these higher dimensional energies. By simply tuning into these higher frequencies and having the intention of harmonizing with these frequencies, you are “ascending”. Everyone will experience these higher dimensional energies differently, according to your own will and life pattern. It is also a deepening of your connection with your Higher Self. We have spoken in many of our other messages about the importance of your connection with your Higher Self. This connection assists you in being strongly connected to source and to the higher dimensional energies. This “ascending”, then, is an internal process of connecting with your Higher Self and Source, and harmonizing with the higher energies which are also now anchored into the crystalline body of your dear Gaia, who is your beloved Mother and the supporting structural foundation of your human life on earth. She nurtures and sustains the life upon and within her. We take a moment now to PAUSE and tune into her, giving her thanks for her love, nurturance and support.


For without her, you would not have an earthly home – picture all of you floating in space without this earthen body that Gaia provides so freely and lovingly for you. She is a most loving Higher Dimensional Being and deserves your kindness, love, compassion, and reverence. She is the one who makes this all physically possible for you to experience these illusions that you exist in upon this planet in your human bodies. For all is an illusion, all is a hologram. This new 5D Earth is a higher frequency energetic hologram as well, that you are all creating and entering into now through creative thought and intention. The structure of the old 3D holographic paradigm is collapsing – this is why the governments are stepping down, the financial system is crumbling, parts of the old 3D earth are even “sinking in” in “sinkholes” which are symbolic of the collapsing of the old 3D hologram. There is no new energy flowing into this old holographic paradigm as Gaia has shifted into the 5th Dimensional Higher Frequency Energies and is holding these strongly within her body now. She has shedded her “skin” of the old illusory 3D world, and is born anew today with all of her 5th dimensional frequencies energizing her entire body, ready for a New Life, a New Paradigm, a New Age (The Age of Aquarius or the Golden Age of Enlightenment), and a new home for humanity.

We invite you to tune in, then, to these higher dimensional frequencies which are crystallizing and forming into this new 5th dimensional earthen paradigm. Mother Earth/Gaia is already existing in this paradigm, and she invites you to come into this new world with her now. Envision with your heart energy now this beautiful world ~ a world free of all negativity and full of the higher frequency vibrations of love, abundance, prosperity, wellness, kindness, compassion, higher thinking, unity, freedom, truth, and so many more wonderful qualities. All who are now reading this are able to tune into this new world now. You are all a part of this new beautiful creationary world. WE are all birthing this now ~ all lightworkers and those of the light, and the archangels, ascended masters and benevolent beings from higher dimensions and other planets are also assisting with intentionally manifesting this beautiful creationary world into formation. The higher dimensional group consciousness light grid is becoming stronger and more beautiful and light filled with every moment of this auspicious day, a-light with all the higher dimensional frequencies and love of All for All.

Gaia is the spirit essence inhabiting planet earth and is originally a 5th dimensional spirit who agreed to descend into 3D frequency ~ an experiment that came close to annihilating her due to lower vibrations of misused energy and darker energies that you can read about on other reliable sources elsewhere. She has now arisen from the ashes and the shackles of this old hologram and exists now in a vibrationary alignment attuned to the 5th dimensions and beyond. For many of you will continue to harmonize with even higher frequencies and dimensions as time goes on. All will continue to accelerate in frequency, and continuing enlightenment will occur for All, including all in the other dimensions and planets. All are “ascending” now as the universe receives an upgrade of cosmic proportions. All is in alignment now with Source, the Source that love all its Creations. All are moving along the path of greater alignment and connection with source, which is a path to their Origin and original creationary Home.

Can you tell us more about the rumored prosperity programs such as NESARA and the St. Germain World Trust?

There are programs and intentions that were set into place a long “time” ago so that during this transition to a new world of prosperity, the former world of lack, imbalance and poverty would be rebalanced or reharmonized and adjusted to the new earth that would be born. Many higher dimensional beings such as St. Germaine are assisting with this… (pause)

(Saint Germaine now steps forward to bring you a poem of light, love and truth in his characteristically playful way):

These are in place as forethought by me
I have created them for many new moments of glee
You will all be living in harmony
And you shall not want for anything
Because from the secret realms I do bring
A beautiful bounty sent forth for your joy everlasting
So tune in now to this beautiful new world
All is well and all is being unfurled
Right on time, as has always been planned…
Abundance and Prosperity for All in this New Light-filled Land.

– Saint Germaine, December 21, in the year of 2012

The wealth that the cabal had stockpiled, along with monies set in place long ago in a planned manner, will be redistributed. The new egalitarian “government” but we do not like to use that word – council or group would be a better word – will be a body of enlightened beings who care about the well-being of All and of the well-being of Gaia. Your corporations politicians and bankers will all crumble and fall away along with the collapsing of the 3D holographic paradigm and with the raising of the frequencies of your planet and of those who choose to harmonize with these new frequencies. Everyone’s needs will be taken care of and all people in the new earth environment will live in prosperity peace and joy. “NESARA” and the Abundance Programs are simply the manifestation of the spiritual or 5th dimensional plans set up by higher dimensional beings and Saint Germaine, who is one of the overseers of the shift into the new Golden Age of Enlightenment.

We are wishing many of you a joyful inner journey as you harmonize with these new higher dimensional frequencies now being radiated from your Mother Earth, Gaia. Remember always with gratitude that she provides for you most lovingly your earthen home on which you live. May all parts of you integrate peacefully and gently with these beautiful energies. You have all the love of the Creator, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, Your Higher Selves, and your own personal guides and guardians to assist you in this spiritual “upliftment” that is now occurring, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, for All.

Many blessings of soft love and light sent to you at this Now Time.

~ The Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine

Love also from Goldenlight at this Now Time…my heart expanding in love for All.

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Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Saint Germaine via Goldenlight: Ascension, Gaia, Abundance Programs and the birth of the Golden Age of Enlightenment

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