Anunnaki & Nibiru – Everything you need to know

Ancient Science, Galactics, Nibiru, Recommended, Videos / Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Unless you read the ‘Lost Book Of Enki’ or the actual Sumerian texts, all you need to know starts here. The word Anunnaki is Sumerian for Hero. On Nibiru, all residents are known as ‘Hero’s’, just as we are ‘People’. There is most certainly a celestial body out there and it is definitely moving towards us. However, they will not show us due to a world wide panic and disaster… just as no telescope can see the lunar landing site, why? If it is there, where?

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My gratitude to the additional information provided by blog reader  Phillip Lozano:

The lunar landing sites (there were six of them) have never been mysteries; their locations are well known, but the equipment left behind is simply too small and remote for Earth-based telescopes to see. You might as well ask why individual rocks aren’t easily visible on the moon’s surface.

However, the lunar landing sites were photographed back in 2009 by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which orbits close enough to the moon’s surface to make out some detail from the landing sites:

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