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Anton Parks-The Girku


Anton Parks Describes his Experiences

Parks’ experiences began at the age of 14, in 1981, with a series of “flashes” that would occur at any hour of the day, and completely beyond his control. These eventually evolved into “visions” that took place from once to three times each day.

The visions seemed somehow to be related to or triggered by the ambient light at the time of their occurrence. The light in the visions had the same “spectrum” as the surrounding light. They came as “jets of light” from above, penetrating the top of his head, at the level of the “seventh principal chakra.” They would instantly disconnect him from his surroundings and move him into complete scenes, including the aspect of sound.

He would find himself “inside” a certain being, and usually would find the same set of “personages” around him.

These living experiences would take from two to up to ten minutes. Yet if there were people around Parks at the time the visions occurred, they did not seem to notice that anything special had happened, which leads Parks to believe that he would have been gone for only a few seconds at most, in their time.

Parks struggled to comprehend the source of these visions, and their meaning. It was not until the end of the 90s and much research that he came to understand that they were related to the Sumerian civilization and to a language from which the Sumerian language emerged.

…It took some time to put order into all this history — the different personages and their characters, their numerous names, the different races, the planets, the dimensions — all that had not been clear at the beginning, especially since I was receiving the information via these disordered “flashes”.
Order and comprehension came naturally over the course of years, without doubt due to the growing amount of information that I was able to accumulate.

And there was this sensation of “deja vu”, of knowing or recognizing the personalities of the players.

It is a world apart, truly separate from ours, but so alive and, in spite of all, so close to us in many ways…

I discovered by chance the Sumerian literature very late, toward the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. Yes, that was a shock and above all a supreme motivation for me to write the Chronicles.

Certain places described in the Mesopotamian documents, and most of the the principal personages, are relatively in accord with what I received, but the tablets lack many details and numerous elements… and in fact not all is in accord with my “visions”. The warp and woof of the story that I relate are found however on some clay tablets; this is why I have no doubt this “capacity” to interpret the symbolism of the Mesopotamian documents.
Parks also began to consider aspects of reincarnation theory in trying to comprehend what was happening to him.
The personage whose identity Parks assumed in his visions bore the name of “Sa’am,” and it was Sa’am’s “destiny” that Parks was retracing.

Sa’am belonged to a group of “reptilian” races known as the Gina’Abul [Sumerian: “lizards”], and these are the divinities who are written about on the Mesopotamian tablets.

Sa’am had a certain crystal that was called “Gírkù.” The information that Parks was receiving was in some way coming from the crystal, which led him to wonder if the experience was being played out in his mind by the crystal or if he really was this “Sa-am” who owned it.

After many years of living with these visions, Parks found that they were taking too much of his life, and he began a process of reducing and blocking them. This took many months, but the phenomenon eventually disappeared, in 1991 around the time of the first Persian Gulf War.

Coming to terms with the experience, Parks decided that it was not necessary to know for certain if he truly was the Sa’am personage, although in the depths of his being he is convinced that it is so. Perhaps this was what led him to begin a study of ancient Mesopotamian texts. He and his associates were soon shocked to find that the history they related was practically identical to what he had received – or lived through – in his visions.

Pursuing an interest in the Sumerian language, and aided by his “flashes,” Parks discovered the “linguistic code of the gods”.

Eventually what became most important was the need to write and publish the information he was gathering. He began this task in the period 2000-2001. [in French]


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