Anthony Peake – Hour 1 – The Infinite Mindfield: The Mystery of Consciousness

New Science / Monday, September 30th, 2013

Anthony Peake grew up near Liverpool, England. He studied sociology and history at the University of Warwick before attending the London School of Economics. Prior to becoming a full-time science writer, he was a management consultant in the human resources industry. He is the author of several books and probably best known for his fascinating theory, which he terms Cheating the Ferryman. It suggests a new approach to the nature of consciousness and its relationship with the external world. His previous titles include The Daemon, The Labyrinth of Time, Is There Life after Death? and Out of Body Experiences. In this program, we discuss his latest book, The Infinite Mindfield. Peake delves into what many scientists believe to be the thorniest problem, namely how does the material substance of the brain give rise to the ethereal self-awareness we all experience? Peake says that when you look at things like the science of quantum mechanics or the astonishing properties of DNA, you can’t help but realize that everything is driven by consciousness. He says that our understanding of our own mind is very limited, yet we have materialistic scientists drawing conclusions based on this limited understanding. In the second hour, we go deeper into some of the fundamental philosophical questions. We discuss epistemology, promissory materialism and the practice of self-observance as a means to perfect our own awareness.

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