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By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

It’s no secret that a small group of elite people, many of whom own some of the largest corporations and banks in the world, controls our healthcare, political, food, and banking systems.

The elite gained power by dictating and manipulating people’s beliefs, controlling their finances, and instilling fear within them.

They have complete control over mainstream media, allowing them to fabricate stories and publicize “terrorist attacks” that are, too often, funded and/or facilitated by the state — otherwise known as false-flag terrorism

As more people continue to wake up to the “Matrix” we live in, we must ask ourselves: Will we stand by and continue to enable corruption, or will we stand up and change the system ourselves?

Anonymous recently answered this question in a video, demanding for the public to take action and explaining how we can create sustainable change through a nonviolent revolution.

Why We’re Ready For a Revolution

For years, we’ve been watching the support system that holds the elite on their pedestal slowly break. More and more people are learning how this system works and seeing through the lies. The more awareness the public has, the less power the elite holds over them. In turn, the movement to take power away from the global elite is gaining momentum. More people are losing trust in mainstream media and faith in their government, especially since WikiLeaks exposed emails from political party members further proving that the U.S. elections are rigged.

It’s clear that many of us want change; however, the difficulty lies in identifying what we want our current system to be changed to and how to do it effectively. In the past, many revolutions didn’t end with any sort of large-scale resolution because their end goals weren’t properly defined in the first place. Anonymous explains, “Revolutions begin with a NO and they end with a Yes. Revolutions begin when you say NO to those who claim to have power over you, and revolutions end when you accept a new status quo, a new normal, whether that new normal is an improvement or not.” To address this issue, Anonymous outlined their three-step process in designing a successful revolution, or what they refer to as “the conscious revolution paradigm.”

The Conscious Revolution Paradigm

In order for a revolution to be successful, it needs to be properly defined, strategically designed with multiple phases and specific goals, and well executed. Anonymous suggested implementing a three-phase revolution to take down the global elite. Phase one defines the collective’s interests and articulates them in a clear message, which Anonymous essentially just did. Delivered with a clear sense of urgency, the message declares that a revolution needs to take place to end the corruption of the global elite once and for all. Another crucial part of phase one is to expose the truth, undermine people’s belief systems, and inspire people to want change, all of which is still ongoing.

Phase two involves creating a clear vision of the desired end goal, determining what will replace the current system. It’s important to note that this cannot be a “utopian fantasy”; we must recognize that there isn’t one right way to live on this planet. This revolution will not be about convincing the world that we need to accept one belief system, but rather that we can live harmoniously and peacefully with each other through a set of common principles. This must involve a leadership structure that is decentralized and non-hierarchal. We need to abandon the current “one at the top” presidential philosophy and implement a system where no one has more power than anyone else, representing true equality. This can be done through leaders who volunteer to stand beside us rather than get paid to stand ahead of us.

The third phase would see us implement a plan of action and develop a clear understanding of the rules of engagement, which can only happen when we’re ready to transition from the old way of power to our new way of being. Nonviolence is clearly our best option to help facilitate this, not only since we are fighting for world peace, but also because we cannot beat the elite using violence when their strongest weapons include the military and finances.

To watch Anonymous’ full message, check out the following YouTube video:

What We Can Learn From This

There is a significant shift in consciousness taking place on Earth right now. More people are starting to understand that we’re all connected to each other, ultimately raising the vibration of the collective. In order for a revolution to be successful, it must be founded in love. You literally cannot spell the word “rEVOLution” without love. In the past, revolutions haven’t been successful because they were fuelled by discontent and fear. The elite have shown us that fear is a dangerous force that should not be used as a tool for change. Instead of building fear in one another like the elite does, we should be inspiring each other to be passionate about creating positive change. We need complete unification in order for this to work and love is a fundamental part of that.

Revolutions are almost entirely psychological in nature. If you can educate someone on what’s happening in the world and why we need the current system to change, then that’s one more person standing with us. Not only do you need to convince others of the urgent need for change, but you must convince yourself, too. You need to abandon the fear that change won’t happen and start believing that this movement will be successful — and it starts with you. Anyone can be a leader!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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