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Entheogens, New Science / Sunday, July 7th, 2013


All it takes is simply knowing that all of the universe is interconnected and that essentially we are all one, meditate and pray on this, and spread this message in love. You may just spread it to the 100th monkey… life is the backwards echo of enlightenment. enlightenment is the backwards echo of infinity. infinity is the backwards echo of life. Please take some time to visit the PLAYLISTS!∞ Jesus said, “If one blind person leads another blind person, both of them will fall into a hole.” -The Gospel of Thomas Find your own path to the heart of God! We are techno pagans at the end of time-Terence truly there is only ONE, yet for heavens sake, seemingly two. surely this school is all for fun, just God’s game of me and you… its not about inciting a reaction in people, its about inspiring a realization. -me and you I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! XOXO If humans have been too deceiving or confusing to trust in any name, faith, or belief system, give thanks and praise unto the ultimate supreme source of all life and existence / non existence or ‘God’, in silence. There is no combination of words or names which can encompass even a fraction of the entirety of god source; vastly limitless, profoundly ineffable, pure in holiness, absolute in divinity, all encompassing, all pervading, support for all that is. After all, it is silence that allows any one to think or say any name or word at all in the first place. God does not discriminate against the diverse methods it utilizes to awake it self from dreams. everyone is everything – everything is everyone -EVERYTHING IS NOTHING-NOTHING IS EVERYTHING ॐ~~~~ein-sof~~~~ॐ God is all there is. Everything else is perception. Alter your perception, change your reality. surrender perception; receive;realize God. have compassion for your fellow humans; open your heart and truly help them in any way possible, lend a hand, lend a heart, feed a mouth, clothe a child, heal a lonely heart, calm a nerve, just listen, and spread as many smiles as possible. 🙂 ॐ Emotions are seemingly felt in spectrum, yet all are merely various degrees of distraction from absolute LOVE/BLISS. Enjoy a seamless connection, (our natural state) as one with God. Enough time spent with, soon turns to spent as. Searching for thou Self; One found God… Searching for God; thou found One Self… I’m not suggesting anyone do anything illegal. Using the 5-MeO-DMT sacrament is something that many people feel they only need to do one time in their entire life. There are also many methods of inducing endogenous 5-MeO-DMT and DMT release such as dark rooms, sensory deprivation, and many other time tested techniques.


Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli 


When the Impossible Happens ~ Stanislav Grof

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