Amenti Halls

Galactics / Saturday, May 12th, 2018


The Amenti Halls are a subset of the Akashic Records in the galactic knowledge repository, these Amenti Halls are located in the Alcyone star system. Amenti Halls hold all the backup copies of the materials that were scanned in on solar discs and crystal chips from the Alexandria Library before it was destroyed.

There are many different chamber rooms in the Amenti Halls and the halls themselves are like a mass database of computer records stored in a large knowledge repository that is located partially on the etheric plane of existence and there are gateways to the halls from the physical realm of existence. Some of the chambers are made of emerald crystals, glass, and other cosmic materials.

The Amenti Halls have four spiritual rays that keep the structure of the halls together, and maintain the informational data bases inside the halls.

The four rays are the golden ray, blue ray, green ray, and the purple ray. These rays symbolize the different vibrational levels of the Amenti Halls and the various energy key code sequences of beings that can enter each hall, there are higher and lower vibrational key codes of having access to the hall chamber rooms.

The walls of the Amenti Halls have holographic computer like viewing screens from where the higher dimensional beings can access sacred geometry symbols, data information, knowledge libraries, etc. about all the galaxies, planets, and multiverses that have ever been created. As well there are reading rooms with computer panels to view the solar discs and the crystal chips on which information is stored.
There is a crystal quartz harmonics chamber in the Amenti Halls where different types of cosmic music is created and played to uphold the light quotient of the universe for having peace and balance in all the cosmos. The crystalline structure of this chamber has pyramids and sphere objects in it to fine tune the playing instruments that make the harmonics music.
In some of the Amenti Hall reading rooms there are green emerald tablets on which the most ancient languages are transcribed that were ever spoken in the first civilizations to seed new planets that were created in the universe. On these tablets information is stored about how races and planets are created biologically, geologically, and also there is information about how to terraform planets which almost no longer have atmospheres or planet life. As well there are genetic codes and DNA sequencing information stored on the tablets about how to create light bodies and human form for beings.
There are many different star gate way portals which are used to access entrance point ways into the Amenti Halls. Some of the portals are physically made with technology activating wormholes in order to go to the halls and other portals are natural forming which use etheric source energy that is organic. The natural portals activate on their own every couple of hours or days, so good math telemetry and star chart data is needed to be able to figure out when these portals will be open in order to get to the Amenti Halls.
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