Ascension / Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

by Ute Posegga-Rudel

JULY 17, 2013

My Beloveds, I AM Archangel Sandalphon!

Nearly One Thousand years have passed by since I incarnated first into a human body on this earth. This happened with a well reflected consideration about the times to come which would be a great challenge for humanity.

However, I still exist simultaneously as the etheric Archangel in the current of Fire and Light, who is the one who delivers this message to this scribe.

And so, from my point of view, as I live in the highest dimensions as a direct servant to God and His Extension as humanity, time has no meaning for me. So please understand the “time frame of a Thousand years” as a description that enables you to imagine the timeless care for the suffering and challenges of humanity which is experienced now on earth as it has never been before in your long history.

There are two major reasons for this: the increasing Light and growing consciousness that are  to cause  a quantum leap in your evolution, and the endeavors and efforts  of the ill-disposed entities that want to prevent this.

Humanity is right now stretched in the middle of the battle between these enormous forces of light and darkness, which are happening inside and outside of your human experience, in your innermost heart and consciousness, in your mind and emotions, in your bodies and in your environment.  There is no single being on earth that will be exempt from this battle that requires a choice to which side one desires to belong.

As you know, the for everybody noticeable signs are, that Thousands are dying almost daily  from catastrophic events alone, that there  are the increasing personal and collective hardships – as the seeming solidity of societies are falling apart, that there are dangerous and very troublesome increasing health challenges, especially  created by the  toxicity of all the earthly elements, that there is the constant pushing for wars. And the list goes on.

What troubles you however the most is the fear that comes with all these insecurities and threats, especially imposed on you by the ill-disposed entities who think that they are still ruling your planet.
But do not worry!

I incarnated in order to “learn” hu-mankind with all its dimensionalities, experiences and sufferings, illusions and also the degrees of enlightenment, that it has been able to achieve. I did this in order to transform in my own being all these limited conditions, and directly hold thereby a current of light between the Divine and humanity, so that humanity was not being lost and cut off from its own Source, but could maintain their connection with It.

And I have been not alone, but I Am one of the many Divine Beings who are servants in this great task, including many of the other archangels who are right now incarnated as well on this earth for similar reasons, and with the intent, to create a strong angelic presence.

I am telling you this so that you know that you have been never forgotten and that there has been always, as dark a time might have been appeared, a connection to Source Itself.

This should serve as a confirmation for what you already sense and know, to avert the  calamities that have been prophesied for your earth since ancient times.

To those who are aware of the increasing disseminations of materials, containing  ancient prophecies that speak of doom and gloom and the destruction of planet earth, I say:

Earth will not be destroyed and old prophecies do not apply anymore!   These prophecies have been written with reference to those who have always intended to destroy humanity and to take over your beautiful planet earth and even the whole universe. The celestial signs have been used for misinterpretation to serve their destructive goals.

But these plans have been defeated by the Sacred Will of the Highest Divinity. And you are asked to see in the upcoming signs in the skies the Loving Call of the  Divine Creator Forces of Light to return Home.

There are Millions of Light Forces who Serve that Glorious Divine Will, incarnated and not incarnated, on your planet, who are – with the weapons of Radiant Light – outshining everything that is dark and characterized by ignorance.

But still your discrimination is required to feel and understand the difference between the Real Light and the artificial light that is intended to test you. It is about your own learning process to Know at heart the Presence  of Love and Unity and to detect the mind of separation in what only appears to be of the  light.

Ignorance is void of the Fullness of Divine Existence, as it has cut off itself from It, trying to survive independently from Highest Divine Intelligence, Which includes the Miraculous Vibration of Love, Joy and Ecstasy!

You are right now experiencing the increasing exuberance of the incoming light frequencies that are to change your planet and the human race to initiate the shift into higher dimensions, where calamities do not exist!

These cascades of light must be received and channeled by entities that have incarnated on your earth at this time in order to facilitate their information and to create change. Without living  receptors of these forces of light, change would be not possible!  There must be an interactive process that involves not only a “ sender” but also a “receiver”.

And this is the reason why so many Divine Beings took incarnation on your earth and in order to make obsolete the prophecies about a human development that would increasingly separate itself from their Divine Source, as hoped and intended by the ill-disposed ones.

Now you will understand that you are to drop all your fears and doubts about a positive outcome that will be for your and your planet’s highest good. Would a planet that is home for so many Beings of Light be prone for ultimate destruction?

And are there not more and ever more of you, beloved humanity, who are joyously opening  your hearts and minds, recognizing your own Divinity and allowing the Divine Light to transform your body-mind, to rise your consciousness to the degree where you recognize that you are part of Ultimate Divine Consciousness yourself?

This is how you now are changing your own destiny at a large scale! The Unity of All is being recognized by more and more of you. The Glorious Unity of Humanity with The Ultimate Divine, with all Angels and Archangels, with all Gods and Divine Beings, is being revealed now at the Source that is Radiant Consciousness!

There is in Truth Only One Being, That became Many, to fulfill the One Will of the ever Expanding and Evolving Divine Existence, to Experience Itself in all dimensions, low and high, and to even experience Itself in what appears to be void of Light.

All of that must be integrated into your Consciousness so that you are truly the Expression of the Eternal Divine. This process is a Mystery! And we All are a Beloved Emanation of It.

In Service and with Great Love,
I AM Archangel Sandalphon!

Message  conveyed by Ute



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