AA Gabriel message for 10th March 2013 ~~ you are detoxifying from the need to experience pain and trauma in your human form

Ascension, Galactics / Monday, March 11th, 2013

Dear ones in TRUTH you are detoxifying from the need to experience pain and trauma in your human form.

Channeler: Karen Doonan
Dear ones I am the energies that wish to be known to you at this time as AA Gabriel, I come to guide and to support as the human race now moves beyond where it has ever gone in its human form and begins to shift and to move into the higher earth energies. For many of you at this time this may be a phase of much confusion as you begin to detach from the teachings that have taught you what it is to be human. As you begin to detach the teachings may try to increase their hold on SELF and this may result in various symptoms and thought patterns that are less than serving. This is but part of the process that the human race as a whole will undergo in order to de-programme if you will, in order to come back into balance and to anchor TRUTH.
So much has been distorted for the human race that balance is a very alien concept to many. The need to hold on tightly to the teachings and define the human life experience through outside influences is strong in many sections of the human race. Not least in the scientific community who many of you may now look to for explanations of events that will not be fully explained by your scientists. This may again prove to be challenging for many who are of the mindset of “proof”. This comes from the teachings of 3D earth, for ALL JUST IS. The human logical brain has been trained to only ACCEPT that which it can “prove” and this has been used to contain and suppress the human race for aeons.
Now events and energies will help shift this enormously for the human race, there will be those amongst you who can remain open and who can detach from the teachings in order to try to anchor all that happens and there will be those who are too trapped within the teachings to allow their human logical brain to comprehend. We ask for you ALL to have love and compassion for each other as you now go beyond where the human race has gone. For you are now entering the phase of harmonisation with ALL THAT IS. This is a phase that is gone through prior to the deepest anchoring of TRUTH. Many of you may ask why this is so, why they cannot just be told or shown and all is out in the open as it were. The reasons that this cannot be done are lengthy and this will become more and more obvious to many as they move through this process.
Many of you may ask why an energy such as I AM is guiding in relation to world events for surely the angelic realms have no say in world events, dear ones ALL ARE ONE, the definitions that are put upon specific realms again to contain and suppress and we guide for you to dissolve that which FEELS constrictive to you at this time. The chaos that has sprung to life within the human race will now begin to find a balance and begin to settle into a KNOWing for many who are here to help the human race evolve have now moved past the teachings of distortion and have allowed themselves to fully detach from the 3D earth. The energies that will now move across and within planet earth helping to free them from the last tendrils of the old earth.
As the chaos begins to recede then the golden age of humankind will be shown in TRUTH. The ability for new concepts, new ideas and new ways of BEing will illuminate for many across and within planet earth. Mother Gaia is also changing and shifting and the chaos will begin to recede for her also as she begins to come back into balance. Many will expect “instant” for that is a teaching of the old earth, to expect events and energies to immediately fall into patterns is to walk in the old earth energies. For the “patterns” were created FOR you in order to contain and suppress you. The human logical brain always looking for patterns in order to make sense of a world that exists within and therefore around YOU.
The ability to move out of the strict confines of that which is taught within human society will increase. Many of you may find that you now are able to discount much of what you were taught and in doing so are able to accept the higher codings that are now being placed upon and within the planet. The LIGHT codings are to further align the human vehicle that you have incarnated within at this time for you are harmonising the energies that you are in TRUTH with the human vehicle you have chosen to incarnate into. The internal workings of this vehicle will begin to shift and evolve as you bring the human vehicle into balance with the new codings. This is a process that will see you change in how you react to the world around you and will see you change in how you react in fuelling the human vehicle. For the containment is the teachings around foodstuffs and nourishment. Many believing that the calories consumed lead to the weight of the human vehicle. As those who work in the field of nutrition will begin to discover this is teaching that has enslaved many upon the planet. As the human vehicle is upgraded to the higher energies then the need for the types of nutrition that is taught is needed will be negated.
We would guide strongly for you to be your own counsel when it comes to nutrition, be guided by how you FEEL and how the human vehicle reacts for changes will occur within the human vehicle that show TRUTH. As you work with your human vehicle then you will begin to remember and as you begin to remember you will be able to detach from the constraints that have been placed upon you.
We wish also to guide on the breaking down of linear time and the uses this has by SELF in this your human form. Many of you are now able to move around without having to defer to the old earth teachings of linear time. The ability to be in many places at once, the ability to “stop” time and to “speed” up time are all skills that we would encourage you to play with. As you move out of linear time the human logical brain may feel threatened and you may go through phases of what can only be described as mild panic, where you feel the need to find a pattern or routine in order for the human vehicle to feel safety.
Again we guide strongly this is part of the process for the human logical mind has been locked into the constraints of the 3D earth for aeons. The ability to dissolve this is within you and this is done by going into the heart space for the heart KNOWS, it will help you find balance at a time where the outer waking human life experience may APPEAR to be very unbalanced. You are in effect dear ones detoxing from the lower earth energies, you have been taught to feed your addiction to these lower energies for your entire life times here upon planet earth. The process of detoxification will be different for each and every human being upon planet earth and we guide against the comparisons that you have been taught to make with others on planet earth. YOUr human vehicle is unique and therefore will react in a slightly different way to those around you. It is vital that you begin to TRUST in SELF and to work WITH the human vehicle, deferring to the opinions and advice of others is counterproductive for they are not YOU, they do not live within the same human vehicle and therefore they may have an opinion but it is to be remember that they cannot know what it is like to live in the human vehicle that you have incarnated within for they are not within the same human vehicle. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? For you are taught on planet earth to defer to others opinions under the teachings that “experts” somehow know better than you do. We ask why an “expert” can know better than you if they are not you?
The teachings will become less and less effective as the new energies now build. The increase in energies may spark more drama in those areas of your human life experience where you are holding tightly on to the teachings of the old earth. This is done in order to help you at this time, for in illuminating the teachings you are then able to dissolve said teachings. Holding on and feeding the drama serves no one at this time dear ones least of all SELF. Be wary of teachings that try to hold on under the guise of “undergoing lessons”, as you move out of the karmic timelines there are no lessons for the SOULs need for them is negated by your movement in the new earth energies.
The new earth is not a karmic timeline and the need to “undergo” is negated in full, this is the process that you undertake now in your human form and the ability you have to disconnect from the “undergoing” and “suffering” will increase as you work your way through this process. You did not come here in order to continue with the karmic timelines of pain and trauma, you came here KNOWing that you would have the opportunity in your human form to move into a way of creation that negates the pain and trauma, you came here in order to experience heaven on earth. This concept is one that is discounted by the human logical brain as it has been taught that life on this planet is harsh and life on this planet is pain. This is not TRUTH and this is not supported in the new earth energies. Dear ones in TRUTH you are detoxifying from the need to experience pain and trauma in your human form.
I am the energies that wish to be known to you at this time as AA Gabriel, I will guide more in due course and I would ask you to process all of my guidance through your heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. This IS a process, it is not an event or a one time occurrence, let go of the need to control all that is happening through you to allow SELF to experience FLOW and balance in this your human life experience. ALL ARE ONE dear ones, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.
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