Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

I really get the feeling that Dec 2012 there may be some quantum shifting going on… not everyone will shift at the same time… rather it will be a progression… some of us will blip in and out from one dimensional quantum shift, and then back again… like a light switch flipping from one reality to the next… other souls may leave their bodies due to short circuitry of bodily form… all is in accordance with Free Will… can you envision the rest of this version of this lifestream, involving getting focused to make the greatest quantum leap ever taken in our universe, where a species mutates based on the gamma radiation hitting our solar system, into a whole new species… the planets themselves are changing due to this gamma radiation, then so are we. This opportunity is very significant and will never happen again, as earth holds many special circumstances as a school of soul evolution… feel the message of the maya, is there a reason why the mayan calendar ends this year? Is there are reason remote viewers cannot see beyond 2012? Is there reason this reality is less and less appealing as more souls yearn for a Golden Age where we can live amongst those who seek no harm against another soul, and where our individual and collective Light is not dimmed in anyway shape or form by anyone… so in peace now, we create this new age… amazing eh? Thank you for sharing your kindred spirit in a mutually beneficial way… we acknowledge each other’s heart energy… and I am comforted by our time walking and breathing together… into literal “no time”… The magnitude of our lives is becoming fully comprehended… each relation we have with each relation is a rhythm of Light… a dance of soul essence at play with each other… we came to earth to experience separation, and now we are here to unify ourselves as bridges between heaven and earth… we ground to earth with native spirit, and mother earth compassion. Reach for heaven’s hand that is extended to us right now to assist us to be stable and solid bridges of Light … heaven went away for awhile behind the curtain, just to see what humans would do… and now heaven is here again and it truth heaven never left, but it felt that way by human perception… no soul will force another soul into heaven… no soul can force another soul into hell either… as each day into “no time” passes us by… our ability to focus is essential… we don’t need to walk on water… we simply need to be masters of our own Light and Love… the blueprints for our mission, are written all over the heart… make room in your life for the frequencies your heart resonates with… make room in your life to create what your heart desires… perge ego on shoulder as an observer, and let heart do the driving… a life heartfully lived is a joyful one… a life primarily based on ego and mind, will seek power over another, and will thus, not inherit the earth… we live as though we have inherited the earth from all generations to come… may we walk in beauty and grace, and true brotherhood and sisterhood… may we achieve every pinnacle of our dreams… I am not your memory, and you are not my memory… it never has been true, and never will be… this is why we are present right here and right now for what is… I bring you these words that they bring comfort and comprehension of the many angles of Light that is, and is becoming… your brother from the stars, Indian in the machine



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