A Vibration Visualization From Nassim Haramein

Ancient Science / Thursday, May 7th, 2015

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by Nassim Haramein

Consider your own body being made mostly of space. Close your eyes and experience the space that you’re made of and the space around you vibrating like a crystal. Then imagine that the rate of vibration of your biocrystal structure in the structure of the vacuum is equivalent to the information pouring in and out of you, in the same way that a crystal radio set tuned to a certain frequency allows you to hear a specific radio station.

In the body, if the brain is the antennae of the radio set, the tuning dial is the heart, which defines the frequency of information received through the fluid dynamics rhythm of your body, and which can be altered by your emotional state.

In5D Addendum

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

A Vibration Visualization From Nassim Haramein  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/

According to Nassim, literally everything revolves around spin and vibrates at specific frequencies, including us.

Have you ever felt an instant attraction to another person for no specific reason?  Perhaps it has something to do with that particular person’s vibration connecting to your own vibration?

As we’ve learned through cymatics, the rates of vibration affect structure.

If everything is vibrating, then is it possible that we are reflecting these vibrations to one another? Is this, perhaps, why dogs seemingly are able to sense “bad people”?



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