A Vedic Perspective Navigating the Material Realm

Ascension / Saturday, July 20th, 2013

The beautiful image above portrays the design of the fifth chakra. We speak our truth through this energy center. The perspective below adorns us, the reader, with an awakened perspective. I am posting this article as a continuation-response to several of my earlier posts. Insight and inquiry is the best way to sort our way through these times. Again, I am in gratitude to Ishan my dear friend for his revelations and contribution.
Dear Christina,
“Yes, the tapestry of money printers and corporate producers of consumer products along with all the toxicity that they produce are nothing more than an outward manifestation  of the collective global darkness that we hold in our hearts in relation to the source of light.  It is an index of our lack of alignment with the light.  We are here to learn.  And the workings of this institution of higher learning are so very sophistocated that only those who are moving towards the light can connect the dots.  Because we are always instruments,our posture of independence is inappropriate.
As we assert our lives of vanity in this respect, our education takes the form of being exploited in so many ways that we have no power to resist.  And as we draw closer to the light, these forces of exploitation have no more power over us. So these forces of darkness are the medicine for invoking the humility that brings us back to the point of surrender to alignment with the light.  And therefore even those forces are part of a prescription for our growth – and are therefore a perfect blessing.  Therefore everything is perfect.  Everything is good.  And the only thing to be improved is – me.
I have read your latest outreach, and can sense the heat of your protest against the exploitive status-quo. I was just out on a meditation walk (doing my mantras while walking in the woods), and turning our conversation over in my mind……….
The Vedic perspective is that we are “in for an alignment”.

In our cars and trucks, when the front end is not properly aligned, we are in a for a rough ride.  So we bring the vehicle to the shop for an alignment.  The rough ride that we experience is a kind of feedback that we get while driving, informing us that there is an alignment problem.

While navigating in the material realm we experience so many difficulties.  The miseries of the mind and body.  The miseries that other living entities inflict on our minds and bodies.  And the miseries of nature like plagues, famines, droughts, volcanoes, earth quakes, tidal waves, floods and so on.

Then of course there are anomalies of birth, old age, disease and death.  No one wants these experiences.  Therefore there are multi billion dollar industries supplying products to counteract these things.

So anyone who is navigating this terrain is in for a rough ride.  And that rough ride is feedback.  The feedback is telling us that there is an alignment problem.

When we are properly aligned we are in the servant mode.  The part serves the whole.  The hand feeds the body through the mouth.  Then the hand can be healthy.  The leaf on the tree cannot prosper by watering itself.  It must water the root.  We too must water the root of our existence.  This is the law, and when we are self-centered, we are out of alignment.  And when out of alignment we are in for a rough ride.

This is true for all life in the material realm.  To be self-centered means means to be exploitive, to be takers.  This is the way the material world works.  Big fish, little fish.  Similarly the animals prey one upon another.  It is only in the human form that we can choose to interact otherwise.  Or we remain animals.

It is not that the exploited group of humans is differently oriented than the big exploiters.  It is simply a question of relative power.  We are all self-centered.  Therefore we glorify capitalism, the ability to exploit each other.  And we respect those who do it well – until we feel the pinch.

And we all feel the pinch, both the powerful and the common folk.  No one can be self-centered and happy.  Not with unlimited millions of dollars.

So we are in for an alignment and the discomfort that all of us experience is the feedback that prods us to inquire, to introspect, to search for an answer as to how to make our experience more complete.

Not everyone lives in this dimension.  You have experience of being guided by other beings who dwell in other dimensions.  Veda tells us that we are a minority group.  We are the disoriented souls.  The self-centered.  We are the self-centered ones who have an aversion to being servants, to watering the root.  We eulogize the concept of being the strongest, the smartest, the biggest.  And the more perverse we become, the more therapy we require.  The more we will feel the pinch.

Responding to therapy means that we become humble.  It can take many births.  Gradually as we become able to feel humble, to feel gratitude,  to want to serve, our lives take on a different flavor.

But most of us are still in kindergarten, and still need to feel the pinch. And therefore the pinch is provided.  The corporate pinch.  The government pinch.

As much as we are self-centered we tend to see everything as separate, as disconnected.  We don’t see the background arrangements.  And we put our faith in protest and in revolution.  History is a great choreography of revolutions.
In one sense all of humanity is like one body, and each of us is a tiny cell of that body.  And that body is at the effect of its perversity.  It is in therapy.  And that therapy is for our benefit.  Those who are growing are  automatically blessed, as fulfillment is independent of external conditions.  The self-centered are inclined to struggle against the tide of external assault.  But the real panacea lies in the reorientation of the heart towards the Whole.  That reorientation can only go on one cell at a time.  And so the greatest service one can provide to a struggling humanity is to set the example, and gradually attract the few who are on the cusp of inquiring, who are looking for answers with the humility that facilitates real understanding.”
Thanks Christina……… for letting me express myself.
A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher, Copyright 2013



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