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Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, began receiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. It all began when Dennison’s wife, Teddi, placed a special crystal under their pillow. Quite dramatically, Dennison was guided into a visionary world of prophetic teachings which shed light on missing pieces of history—from a multitude of past cultures—and on our potential future.

An unsophisticated man who wasn’t interested in world events, Dennison was mystified over messages warning of earth changes, political upheavals and possibilities of war, alien abductions, and secret government cover-ups. In this second volume of visions from 1996 to 2012, Dennison was shown, ahead of time, the New York twin towers tragedy, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the shock and awe of Baghdad, the wars in the Middle East, the terrifying tsunami in Malaysia, the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, the economic crises throughout the world, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and numerous other events.

“They kept showing me the date 2020 and they said it’s a date when the earth is natural again. It is when mankind will be living in harmony with the earth…. ‘The year 2020 is when the whole process will be complete. Then will come the Golden Age when man will live in harmony with Nature. The world you now know will be gone.’”

The message is one of hope, despite all the scenarios of economic collapse, disasters and war. Mankind collectively is on the threshold of a miracle! The opportunity comes but once every few thousand years, and it’s here again. Perhaps this time it will happen! We are told we need to be prepared on a spiritual level because the more spiritual we are, the easier the transformation will be.

We are all connected to each other and to everything else in the cosmos on an energetic level. Our collective thoughts and actions affect our reality. Change our collective consciousness and we change. Together we can open our hearts to universal love and create peace on earth.

Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, did not ask to be a prophet. Neither did he think he would be a Healer or Shaman—yet that is where his life path has led him. With a humble and pure heart, Dennison’s prayers and presence are like balm to those who are sick or in need. He prays in his native tongue and lets the healing energy and words from the ancient ones flow through him. Dennison says, “It’s not me; I’m just a tool for Creator.”

Dennison and his wife, Teddi, live a normal life in a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona where there is firewood to chop and chores to do. They make their living by selling their artwork—well-known, beautifully crafted jewelry and visionary paintings.

Their first book—Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak—at first photocopied and given out to friends and family—has a life of its own which has taken Dennison and Teddi to meet and pray with spiritual leaders in Ecuador, Canada, and Japan.



(1988) “At the beginning of his experience, Dennison felt like someone
was shining a bright light, like a large flashlight or car headlight in his
eyes. It startled him and, as it did, a voice said to him, ‘Don’t be afraid,
just relax and go with it….’”

(8-17-2001) “Things will continue to escalate in the Middle East. Acts
of terrorism will increase a lot. They showed me a building where many
Americans are inside, that is bombed and many die. This along with a
few other happenings will be enough to draw the U.S. into a conflict.”

(8-17-2001) “A major church that has a lot of influence in the world and
a lot of political and financial power is not as strong as it used to be in
the past…. The Pope dies and the Church falls apart. It loses its power.
There’s also a scandal that happens before this and that weakens it,
something like a sex scandal.”

(8-17-2001) “The weather is another thing that will be getting worse. I
think because of global warming. The oceans are getting warmer and so
is the upper atmosphere. In between where there is colder air, the two
mixing creates a circular wind pattern that turns into huge hurricanes. It
happens around the same time as the corporation failures.”

(8-17-2001) “Something happens to our money. They were telling me
something about money is being printed, but there isn’t that much gold
to back it up. It’s like an economy that is built out of assets that aren’t
really there…. Wall Street goes down. Mortgage companies collapse.
Banks collapse. Big, big companies like insurance companies fail, just
go down one after another.”

(12-22-2004) “I heard someone say, ‘Tsunami!,’ then I saw this big wall
of water come crashing down on a coastal city and the whole area was
completely demolished.”

(11-17-2010) “They kept showing me the date 2020 and they said it’s a
date when the earth is natural again. It is when mankind will be living in
harmony with the earth…. They told me, ‘There will also be three world
catastrophes before then that will bring the world to its knees.’ They
went on to say, ‘There are two dimensions coming together now. It’s
in progress and about one quarter of the way along. It’s a very delicate
process, somewhat like merging two crystal glasses without shattering
them. The year 2020 is when the whole process will be complete; then
will come the Golden Age when man will live in harmony with Nature.
The world you now know will be gone.’”

(10-20-2010) “The money movers, the big financial people on Wall
Street are putting their money elsewhere; they aren’t putting it back into
our economy like they’re supposed to. People won’t be able to pay their
debts, banks collapse, money is worthless. There is like a mafia, a secret
government that wants to rule the world.”

(10-20-2010) “There’s going to be uprisings: people against people,
people against their government. I think it’s in another country and not
here, but it’s going to be pretty bad before they make peace and come
together to create something stronger.”

(10-31-2010) “They told me a cosmic spiritual awakening is about to
happen. Mankind is going to be forced to awaken spiritually….”

(11-7-2010) “There is a growing hunger within mankind for true spirituality.
It is there to help us grow. The way we live now, the way we
think, is based on greed. So many are only out for themselves. When
you give to help another who is in need, you are the one who receives
the blessing.’”

(11-7-2010) “A miracle is happening! Only the thinnest of veils is

(11-18-2010) “They were telling me those which we call aliens are cosmic
beings. They are energy, light beings. They aren’t “out there”—they
are in other dimensions. They work for the Source and oversee mankind.
They manifest bodies when needed. They navigate in and out of our
three-dimensional world by using electromagnetic energy.”

(11-20-2010) “We are about to experience a miracle! A miracle is about
to happen again! At least there is a great potential for a miracle, but
first we are in for a rude awakening that will, in the end, bring forth

(1-15-2011) “Next I saw a city being flooded, and water is just seeping
up the streets and rising higher and higher. It’s a huge flood that is carrying
cars away right off the road and even houses are floating … out to
the ocean or something. There is a bunch of people huddled together on
a hill just watching everything.”

(3-10-2011) “… A friend called to say Japan had just suffered a huge
earthquake, something like a 9.0 in magnitude! At the moment there was
a huge tsunami seeping in on the land and carrying away everything in
its path. We turned on the TV and watched horrified as the wave swept
cars and people off the roadways and into the sea!”

(11-19-2012) “There will be changes both outside, in the form of earth
changes, and inside ourselves, in part caused by the outside changes.
There will be more natural disasters, failed governments, failed money
systems, economic collapse, wars, food shortages, job losses, and so
forth. These will continue to increase over the next seven years until

(11-19-2012) “Mankind is being brought to its knees. We are being
pushed to make us grow. We are being faced with our fears and our wrong
thinking. When enough minds change, we collectively will change.”

(Epilogue, 2013) “We are told we need to be prepared on a spiritual level
because the more spiritual we are, the easier the transformation will be.
We’re being pushed to evaluate our lives and our impact on the earth.
We are urged to turn away from greed and materialism and reach out to
each other with love and compassion. If enough of us can do this, the
energies will change and the miracle will happen.”


ON THE TIP EDGE OF A MIRACLE Dreams, Visions and Prophecies for the Future: 1996-2012 Dennison & Teddi Tsosie

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