A Galactic Surprise Is Coming!

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, June 13th, 2015

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art by Cameron Gray


Just when we think we know what is going on in this matrix, we are reminded every day that we really only see the tip of the iceberg. Every moment we are alive in a human body, we are battling the war on consciousness and the outcome will be more than you can ever imagine.

Energetic events are happening behind the scenes that are shifting consciousness and realities that cause multidimensional timelines to merge or dissipate. Corrections are being made simply from our transmutation of energy in the NOW which affects all of time.

Now more than ever, it is imperative to be the observer and to focus on a positive outcome for all of yourself and humanity.

Many of you reading this article will be aware that this is my main message lately, and the energetic work many are completing at this time will push us over the edge to create the change we are intending.

When faced with a difficult challenge before you, becoming aware of the triggers and the reaction to these triggers are important. Responsibility for your outgoing thoughts and energy will keep the balance of positive energy outweighing the negative. Remember to “stop, drop, and ground” before reacting to a situation that is being manufactured in this illusion as we move to the extreme polarity that will end in zero point balance. Take several deep breaths and count to 50 before reacting to something that you feel is triggering your base emotional patterns of anger and fear.

We are experiencing the wildest ride of emotional turmoil ever.

For every situation that you calmly deal with, you are transmuting negative energy to positive and adding to the overall shift in energy. While you may think this is not such a big deal, the power of this is beyond our comprehension at this time. Perhaps this is why we needed to have our memory wiped in order to do what we are doing right now, because just a little focus on being responsible energetically is all we really had to learn in order to make a huge difference.

For those of you energy workers who wish to be more than a little responsible, keep grounding the positive energy that is coming in from the great central sun through our sun into the collective human consciousness, as well as into the planet. Once you know what is happening at every level on the planet, you realize that this should be your main focus rather than the doom and gloom that the mainstream and some alternative news sources are reporting. While it has been important to identify the controllers, observing what is happening with neutrality is the focus of intention at this time.

If we knew everything that was happening on a multidimensional level, it would spoil the surprise for us. The higher aspects of our oversoul have been working with the consciousness in our physical bodies to create a new reality for those who are ready to dissolve the imposed matrix that we found ourselves in. Because our thoughts can easily be read by the enemy, we could not be conscious of what our next move was until our higher self was ready to implement that move in the now moment. Basic strategic war moves have been implemented to keep the enemy from knowing what will hit them. Higher aspects of ourselves have been clearing out the astral realms, which has been allowing for more and more bridges to be expanded from this consciousness to our final destination.

When we finally make the shift into a higher consciousness realm, it will be nothing like you ever expected.

While a few people lately have said that it will take years to happen for humanity, I am a firm believer that, individually, it can happen in an instant. This is the part that will be a huge surprise to you when you make contact with the cosmic consciousness once again that we have been cut off from. In this place, the final instructions are accessible to finish what we came here to do. Accessing this higher part of us in “no time” allows us to take our consciousness into a perception that can last for days while we may be gone for micro seconds here on Earth.

Galactic family reunions will take place and congratulations will be at hand. We will learn how to integrate this multidimensional state of zero point into our physical body, and we will remember how to become immune to the technology and disease that we are currently being bombarded with. This place has always been within us but has been mostly inaccessible. Every day we are getting closer and closer to be able to merge this reality within our awakened state of being in the now.

We will remember how to re-create our reality as we wish it to be. We will be able to manifest anything we need to survive. We will remember how to heal our bodies and to heal others. This is the great surprise those of us who are starseeds and galactic ambassadors, and we agreed to come here to access this in order to help lost aspects of our monad as well as the rest of our soul family at this time.

The time it takes for all of humanity to have the chance to heal and move forward is up to us. Do not listen to those who will say it will take a long time.

That is linear thinking and is unintentionally distracting our task at hand. It has already happened, and all we are doing is intending to time travel and merge that time with the now. We are fully merging with our higher selves. Be assured that our cosmic friends and family are working to create the space for us to step in to. It will be up to us to connect with that space simply by being who we truly are and having the intention to do so.

Everything we have learned about clearing and going within has been preparation for the time to come. We have been preparing for a very long time and this lifetime will be the one in which we open our presents to find the best surprise of our whole existence!




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