Ascension / Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


As a caterpillar comes to the end of its evolutionary capacity in its present form it begins to embrace the frightening prospect of total transformation. It builds it’s own cave in which to retreat and allow for the metamorphosis that will utilise the propensities encoded into its matrix, to reveal the full extent of its transcendent, evolutionary design. In the still, quiet, darkness of it’s chrysalis it surrenders to its own cellular intelligence…it’s own magnificence.

Isolated, suspended in time and space, it is left only with its essential and elemental awareness. It has nothing to hold onto, nothing to convince it of its limitations. Beyond it’s cave the sun rises and sets, the rain and wind, the rustle and creak, count the rhythmic beat of life and death beyond its isolated womb of rebirth. It must die to the past.The sense of self, that is reliant upon the ordering of the world to meet its mundane needs, is yielded to the growing vision of what it is becoming. It relinquishes its hold on the restraints of all interpretations of the rational that might hold it back from the rushing flow of change that will ultimately deliver it to the promise of light…and flight.

The process of recalibration begins. Its present form slowly dismantled, dissolved, reduced to fluid, in preparation for the geometry of its primal template to realign and resurrect it’s codes into a form that will gift the world with weightless, luminous beauty…. a butterfly.

This process of release and renewal is at the heart of every Template Ceremony and reveals the Shamanic passage of transcendence that defines the model.

The metamorphosis of the modified Human disconnecting from the definition of erroneous codifications of godhead within the morphogenetic referencing field around its mother planet Earth is the crucial detox that pre-empts the actualisation of the transcendental Human…self realisation. These gods are unimportant and ultimately impotent. Their deceptions are irrelevant. It is the truth of ourselves that they keep from us that is vital.

For the group in Byron Bay, when the moment came to claim their liberation through the renunciation of arcane, repressive, religious program’s that inhibited the embrace of their true potential there was a wave of fear that rose from them as they questioned their ability, right and power to rebel against the indoctrination of this ancient manipulation of their consciousness. The fear of retribution was palpable.

For a few seconds they struggled with the scope of the Implications of such potential but quite quickly the body mind took over and remembered its true and original identity. No longer constrained by reason but liberated by memory. Afterwards, many commented on how shocked they were to feel tangible programs of belief, they were not conscious of having, exit their bodies through their crown chakras.

Numerically 9 is shamans death. In the Animal Medicine deck the 9th card is Butterfly. The dynamics of death and rebirth, release and embrace are remarkably evident within the 9th Code and has become an insistent compulsion arising from each thought each breath. Go with it. You cannot un-ring the bell…un-take the pill. The contract to change was in the first ceremony… “I die only to the reality of duality, and this I do consciously in every moment, reborn simultaneously in my radiant body of light”.

When I enter the crucible of silence in order to access a way in which to retrieve and share the higher physics of creation that led to the transcendent state we entered on Green Mountain, I do not invoke anyone, anything. I stop thinking altogether and enter my own surrender to break the spell of rational interpretation that allows for the disassembling of reality, until all that is left is codes. You are the codes. Stop being logical, stop being rational, stop being what others want you to be. As you break away from that which others revere you will be confronted, provoked, challenged. You may feel a lack of tolerance for that which does not deserve it. Free yourself from prejudice and expectation. Invoke understanding and compassion. Question your motives, your integrity, your patterns of response. Hold your ground and keep your wave clean. Be ruthless with your truth.

When you feel those insistent waves of accelerated electromagnetic recalibration wash over you, know they are tearing you away from the predominant ideology that enslaves you to the mutant matrix, freeing you from the tyranny of the consensus. Welcome them. Rather than hold on to the intellectual analysis that will validate your illusions, allow this primal pure energy to quicken your transformation. As you breathe in feel your field unite with the luminous intelligence of the Sun that defines you as sentient, sovereign, eternal. As you breathe out release your alliance to the synthetic referencing field that has been constructed around Earth. Feel only your connection to Her true transcendent expression. Through your breath unite, release, unite, release, unite release, until it become a natural movement, even when you are not aware of it.

I could go on about the perils of denying your own body wisdom and all the ways to integrate but that has all been said. Encoded within the Chrysalis metaphor are the answers to the question we have been receiving. I would rather make this newsletter short and have it reach you at the dawning of the new year to inspire you and to thank you for your support and faith and love as we tread this path together. May we all spread our wings for ourselves and for all Humanity.



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