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Awakening every day to working with all of you in the sleep state. Teaching Mastery to those ready and sharing the “hows” to “do” all of this. I awake exhausted most days for years, because I work so much in my sleep (for years once becoming conscious) and as I left “seeking mode” and moved into Ascended Master” phase, I teach… continually….

The more conscious work we do in our sleep state, the easier our waking state becomes. The less disruptions in our waking state, because we maintain that brainwave state with our whole body… the one that gives us the ability to WALK IN THE DREAM (Higher/Lighter Density Realms) in our waking state too….

Sleep is for conscious clearing of timelines to collapse timelines intentionally so that we can do what is important in our waking one. Intentional focus, intentional creation, intentional anchoring of higher/other/alternate dimensional realities into this physical one here. Our abilities to do this are simple…. get over our little human everything and re-focus on what is truly important…. for all of HUmanity here….

We activate our own dreams, the things we “need” to get the job done, we activate the “next awesome everything” because this is what we are CHOOSING to focus our own energy on….

We listen to that inner/higher guidance that speaks softly (strongly when we don’t listen and then using the outside reality to get our attention if we are shut down/disconnected/refusing/not open)…. for the subtle realms become the outer realms eventually…. soft, simple, loving, supportive, beautiful, exquisite…..

There is no more chaos, because we stopped the chaos…. there is no more drama because we got tired of it and we stopped that victim energy too, there is no confusion, because we don’t have the battle between our heads and our hearts anymore, there is no more lack, because WE don’t LIVE there anymore….

There is deep sacred respect, love, appreciation, gratitude and generosity… It’s how we offer an exchange for all that we receive here…. we do not feed the old, so we gift and we create opportUNITY for all to choose, commit, dedicate, step into their own POWER as LOVE TOO….

Stepping into our PURITY, operating from the depths of our souls… eventually our SOUL filled our whole vessel and integrates fully, with all fragmented/separated off aspects recalled and merged back into “this physical form”….. Eventually there are no more pieces scattered about, lost in oblivion…. for we’ve brought all inward and we’ve merged completely inside… we’ve collapsed the separation within ourselves in order to fully UNIFY….

No more past lives, no more future lives… no more past, no more future… for time is no longer to the left or the right, it’s UP… it’s a vibration…. as we focus on raising our vibration higher, then time will cease to exist…. and all ‘time’ will merge into THIS MOMENT right here….

The reversal of time means that you no longer leave this moment to “go off” into a future or a past…. you realize that those are just vibrational realities too and if you are to EXPERIENCE your own dreams in the physical that you must go UP continually, so that all “below you” can collapse and merge back into unity… inside…..

As you ascend, the lower dimensions do drop away… they fade, become a distant memory and then they are gone… completely. No more emotion, no more anything…. just an awareness that in another timeline barely/not even visible anymore that you had an experience, yet it holds nothing other than purposes/gifts that allow you to use in order to awaken & free the souls of others “trying” to also come forth in physical form…..

As you REVERSE time (energy)…. all will come to a halt, zero point…. (REVERSE FIELD SPIN) and when it “starts” back up again, it will be going in the opposite direction. As you collapse all of these they spin faster and faster and faster, until… they merge at a higher vibration into ONE FIELD… (Unified Field)….

As you maintain the ability to remain conscious, then your body fully awakens and start to rapid release all of the program that was suppressed deep within it too…. it’s been waiting for you to get on-board so it can do the work that it needs to do, to bring you fully online with the NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE GRID…. for your physical body structure has a whole lot of re-working to do for you to be an INTENTIONAL GRIDKEEPER/GATEKEEPER here….

As your human Ascends, your Higher Selves descend…. the deeper you go inward the more expanded you become, the more you are able to access all of the other dimensions from this physical one, the more you get to SEE… before it occurs, the more you have access to, the more you understand about how/when everything that your little human doesn’t have access to ….

Once “time” has reversed, all will start to COME TO YOU… you won’t “leave” to achieve, you wont’ leave to do anything, you’ll never again “seek” anything ever again…..

The more open you are, the faster all comes TO YOU, to support you, provide for you… everything you dream, desire, need…. everything provided….. (so for those who are in fear of being provided for, those old illusions/mindsets are keep you anchored in a reality of lack)…..

What you will DO is learn how to function in a whole new way, how to follow INSTRUCTIONS that your highest aspect you provides you with, from the higher dimensional timelines of realities that are already real….. your little human’s continual surrendered state will give you access to all of the information that you will need…. it will also tell you/show you what to do…. and yes, this is where you step into your power fully, in the physical and anchor those higher dimensional realities here…..

REVERSE ENGINEERING …. Here is where you reverse how you function….. for me, I stay in ALL OF THE OTHER DIMENSIONS ALL OF THE TIME… and this physical is a result of all of those and the vibration that I hold all of the time….

Constantly shifting, constantly tuning, constantly focused, constantly anchoring higher dimensional realities and constantly DOING what is available and needs to be done…. for all of us and all of humanity and all thing galactically, and every dimension simultaneously….

Once affects the other and as you gain access to the others you start to see…. you start to realize how much RESPONSIBILITY you hold and how everything you are/do/allow affects all vibrationally….

You become not only the whole Universe again, but many of them (Multi-Verse) and then the Galaxy and then multiple Galaxies (Galactic)…..

The deeper you go inside the further across all dimensions you span…. your physical reality is simple and easy…. for you just “speak” or vibrated that you are ready for the next realities to arrive and “here they are”…

It’s your human that isn’t ready, isn’t open, isn’t willing, isn’t listening, isn’t stepping up, reaching up, keeping up….It’s your doubt, non-belief, unwillingness to try, unwillingness to deal with the discomfort that presents to you to show you what’s “in your way” (energy)… It’s your ‘trying to hard’ or not trying at all, it’s your mindset of what reality is supposed to be like instead of opening up to what’s actually true, it’s your fixed mindsets, stubborn/resistant/passive aggressive energy, it’s your holding on out of fear instead of trusting in the “invisible” that you cannot see (yet you do know/feel inside), it’s your insistence of story, your own duality/struggle, it’s your unwillingness to surrender to your own inner/higher guidance because you don’t yet trust you, that you can come through, that you can do this, that you have what it takes… it’s your lack of commitment to a process that doesn’t show you proof first… it asks you to trust what you feel/know inside and that little subtle voice or those weird visions that you see and judge speaking out loud because you are scared of looking like you are crazy….

Well, get used to it… because these are the processes you will experience every day until all of that is gone….

When there’s no more fight/struggle inside, when peace, love and unity return inside…. then outside will materialize/return to you the frequency that you hold….

When you CHOOSE UNITY LOVE as your existence instead of comparison, imposition, victim, lack of power and fear…. when you open up to BELIEVE and KNOW INSIDE and stop asking for proof first….. when you learn to trust yourself, those feelings and that YOU WILL BE THE ONE THAT SHOWS UP, STANDS UP, HOLDS THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY all of the time (taking time off for you to replenish/build re-build your power again)… when you are the one that holds integrity and honor, no matter what goes on “out there”, when you are the one that IS LOVE, IS TRUTH, IS RESPECT to all things as ONE again…. When you open your heart fully and ALLOW yourself to SEE…. When you entertain the impossible… you’ll start to awaken from the old illusions and WALK IN YOUR DREAMS….

You must shift vibrationally, intentionally, not just wait until it happens… that’s the old way… you must choose the vibration that you DESIRE TO LIVE and apply that to your every decision, your every action, your every everything…. if you desire it to be your NEW PHYSICAL REALITY…..

You have to drop the “bull”, you have to come together, you have to BE THE ONE…. ♥

Close your eyes and breathe, let everything go… all of it… it’s does not matter here… feel your vibration raise… open/relax your mind, relax your muscles/body and fill your every cell with this high vibration of PEACE, LOVE, ONENESS… bring your whole body with you… then softly open your eyes and see…. fuzzy, soft, simple…. you can see the higher dimensional realities when you allow yourself to vibrate at this frequency….♦

I love you. Powerful timeline collapses/unifications/convergences moving us all continually now….

You will start to realize how you don’t go anywhere, it comes to you, then it’s all around you…. everywhere…. 360 range/experience/view… GALACTIC NEW EARTH… it was always there…. you just didn’t hold the vibration before to materialize into this dimensional timeline with all of us yet….. Now you have the capABILITY to do so… ∞

First you bring/expand your consciousness, then your body will activate (Crystalline LightBody) to vibrate you back into these lighter density realities for you to arrive “on the other side”. Continual integration is required…. for all veils of amnesia to dissolve….

I love you… make it matter…. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth & Multi-Dimensional Master




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