Teleportation Is Real and Here’s Why it Matters

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  Jeffrey Kluger @jeffreykluger May 30, 2014   It ain’t the stuff of Star Trek, but quantum physics can make it possible to do things that mystified even Einstein The future has a way of becoming the past. Men on the moon? Check. Picture phones? Thank you, Skype. But teleportation? Not so much. The idea of breaking […]


Inside Project Pegasus / Teleportation / Time Travel

New Science

  Attorney Andrew D. Basiago discussed his experiences within a secret DARPA program– “Project Pegasus,” and what he claimed to be the true history of U.S. time travel research and teleportation technology. As a child, he said his father volunteered him to be inducted into the experimental program, as a “trainee/guinea pig” from the years […]