Rising Universal Shadow Body ∞ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

On the earth, we have penetrated through another portion of memory layer that moves past our Solar System records and into the Universal Gateways which is connecting into the next layer of the quarantine field called the Wall in Time. During this phase, the planetary architecture is undergoing massive changes which integrate the next harmonic layers […]


Maintaining Calm in the Storm ∞ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

Coming back into this moment and understanding that as we hold the space in present moment and we understand the truth of who and what we truly are as the eternal God self. We are the eternal diamond sun Christic people that have returned to witness this final conflict and to really take the accounting. […]


Trinity Gates and Transit Stations ∞ Lisa Renee

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

Recently, it has been made clear that there has been a Guardian and group mission to help restore access to the Trinity Gates, because these particular portals are the most easily accessible for the majority of the human race that have not spiritually activated their higher DNA or expanded their consciousness bodies during the Ascension Cycle. Many people that […]


Grail Point ∞ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

Planet Earth has a Krystal Body anatomy that holds many energetic constructs, which form into Chakras, Axiatonal Lines, Ley Lines and the many energy vortices that make up the layers of the entire Planetary Auric Body. The fact this planet was originally created from the Diamond Sun architecture, reveals the true creator of this planet […]


Fascia Crystalline Network ∞ Lisa Renee

New Science, Spiritual Perspectives

The Fascia Crystalline Network within our body has been impacted by the lower NET mutations in the corrupted 3D elemental structure, and this connective tissue matrix is undergoing an ongoing transformation with a sequential process of re-encryption upgrades. Many of us have been experiencing the intensification of structural changes and adjustments being made to the physical […]


Breaking Through to the Other Side ∞ LISA RENEE

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

There are many groups of people on the earth that must be directed into another consciousness pathway or future timeline based upon their consciousness hierarchal level in the frequency fields. The bifurcation is the framework for the Consciousness Corridors being outlined as the indication for future direction of the individual and where its group consciousness frequency will evolve in […]


Ascension Update: Mother Arc Next Stage Frequency Activations ∞ Lisa Renee

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

Ascension Update: Mother Arc Next Stage Frequency Activations Key Points: “Recent activations are spreading the natural Krystic divine blueprint further into the planetary grid areas, which were previously running the reversed currents to fuel the artificial timelines. Essentially, many of these reversal networks for energy harvesting are being starved out, as this particular Mother Arc […]


Banishing the Lies ∞ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

Dear Ascending Family, In the age of social media and rampant propaganda, most of the public has been unable to separate honest and truthful representations from manufactured deceptions and lies.  For deception to work both sides have to participate, both deceiver and deceived have to play their roles. How do we wise up to see […]


Telepathy ∞ Lisa Renee

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives

Beyond this planet most of the extradimensional or ET species, as well as other more technologically advanced human civilizations, commonly use forms of Telepathy as the primary method of communication. Our reliance on spoken words is considered to be very primitive and is used by the NAA to justify the use of earth humans as […]


Checkerboard Mutation ∞ Lisa Renee

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

  Dear Ascending Family, We are witnessing some positive tipping points in the war over consciousness as the earth is naturally dropping density, which means moving beyond the influence of some alien machinery used to run reversals in the earth grids. The planet is going through a 6D–7D wing building, which is the first level […]


Subconscious Programming ~ Lisa Renee

New Science, Spiritual Perspectives

art by Beau Deeley Dear Ascending Family, As many are probably experiencing, the shift into the next harmonic universe is bringing slow and steady changes to us all.  This is a time to stay flexible and relaxed, without expectations or a need to know.  With so much movement and change, the one thing we have […]


Wrestling with Demons ~ LISA RENEE

Spiritual Perspectives

  One of the most important realizations we require to gain deeper clarity about the nature of the reality,  the war over consciousness on the earth plane, is to recognize the kinds of forces that play in the negative polarity archetypes, or service to self that exist within people, places and things. To maintain calm […]


Shifting into Second Harmonic Universe ~ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

art by by beaudeeley Many of us have been preparing for the planetary alignment into the next Harmonic Universe at the end of 2017, which has required many planetary gridworkers to clear out multiple timelines, devices and implant structures that are recorded in the collective consciousness fields, either from the accumulated past miasmatic energies, or […]


Thothian Network and Qlippoth ~ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

  This week’s blog may be appropriate for Galactic warriors and gridworkers who have been clearing and transiting out dead light and demonic entities from the planetary black magic fields that have been conjured in black magic ritual. If you are feeling weakened and exhausted by recent influx of chaotic energies, please avoid immersing yourself […]


Adaptations ~ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

  Dear Ascending Family, The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. The subatomic particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and […]