WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor ordered to pay ‘$204k per month if blockade not lifted’


Iceland’s Supreme Court has ruled that Valitor (formerly Visa Iceland) must pay WikiLeaks $204,900 per month or $2,494,604 per year in fines if it continues to blockade the whistle-blowing site. The court upheld the decision that Valitor had unlawfully terminated its contract with WikiLeaks’ donation processor, DataCell. “Today’s decision marked the most important victory to […]


Icelandic Taxpayers Win Key Case Against European Establishment

Economy, Zeitgeist

In a major victory for taxpayers in Iceland, an obscure transnational court ruled against the European Union and a similar supranational body last week, deciding that the tiny population of the island nation was not responsible for the massive liabilities of a private Icelandic bank that went bust during the 2008 economic meltdown. Establishment analysts […]