Do Consciousness and Thought Create and Change Reality?

New Science

by PL Chang   To understand how reality works at the fundamental levels, we must study the relationship between the physical and metaphysical realm and understand how they work. We also need to study energy mechanics because it is the mechanics behind energy that organize energy into codes, patterns, and structures, allowing energy to manifest […]


The Power of Intention

Spiritual Perspectives

  Written by BRANDON WEST   What is the power of intention? Moreover, what does it mean to connect to the power of intention? In this article we will not explore what intention is exactly, because I don’t believe anybody can really know that. However, we can most definitely use intention and experience it directly for […]


Heart, Light Mind, and Body in Creative Intention ~~ Peter Borys, Jr.


  The multidimensional consciousness of humanity is intentional.   We have the ability to create, manifest, and emanate intention through our Divine infinite consciousness.  It is within our heart consciousness that the experience and expression of creative intention occurs through our incarnate physical body as a receiver/transducer/transmitter of frequencies of information. Thus, a heart-centered unity consciousness […]