Revocation Shamans Death ~ Andrew Bartzis

Spiritual Perspectives

  I call to my sacred medicine spread that which aides me in understanding my infinite spirit. The healer’s tools have been laid out in ceremonial fashion. I call to the four elements and bring their essence into my sacred healing space in equal co-creation with all sentient kind. I call to the ancestors of […]


Address To The Ancestors ~ Andrew Bartzis

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Sam Farrand Andrew Bartzis Address To The Ancestors I felt that this needed to be shared with everyone again at this time. And so it begins. This address is to our ancestors, past, present and future. This address is multi-dimensional, multi-galaxy, multi-universe address to all the factions that have taken it upon themselves to […]


Cosmic mitosis ~ Andrew Bartzis

Spiritual Perspectives

Andrew Bartzis Separation of Densities….takes place Now…Cosmic mitosis on macro and micro level. Before this world to transform, the differences between human beings are becoming increasingly apparent: to recognize light and darkness as light as darkness; the awakened ones can be distinguished clearly, distinguishing correct while unconscious human beings lack this clarity. The gap between […]


Sun As Soul Code Carrier ~ Andrew Bartzis

Spiritual Perspectives

  Sun as Soul code carrier acts as a focal point of exchange between Universes. Sunlight is constantly carrying Astral Beings from one Universe to another. Each DNA strand is/gives access to/a layer of Knowingness that you can tap into. Each newly-accessed layer needs to be integrated into the currently opened layers. This is growth, […]