The 5th Dimension Reveals Itself

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

5/25/2021 ERA OF LIGHT  Huge influxes of solar energies in the form of plasma coronal mass ejections and Solar Winds become overwhelming to physical bodies that need to take time to discharge the extreme pressures and excesses it places on your vastly expanded energy fields. Your own Light signature energy is also partially overshadowed by greater […]


Love In The 5th Dimension

Ascension, Galactics

  by Trish LeSage Guest writer, We all know that there are many different kinds of love.  There is romantic love, the love between parent and child, the love between siblings, the love between friends, the love between pet owner and pet, and many other kinds of love.  However, when we speak of love […]


The Way of Life in The Fifth Dimension


  art by Joma Sipe a message from Jim Self In the previous article What ARE the 3rd and 4th Dimensions? we compared the third and fourth dimensions. In this article we bring in the fifth dimension. Let’s briefly review the structures of the third and fourth dimensions. The third dimension operates with a specific set […]


Understanding The 5th Dimension

Spiritual Perspectives

  by Ridge Keough, The 5th dimensional reality is becoming a frequency in which humanity is growing into everyday. Our sights, smells, tastes are all changing as we raise our vibration to match that of the 5th dimension. Heightened states of awareness, compassion, and knowledge are all just beginning to flourish. As our sensory systems […]


The Journey – The Arcturians

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives

  As channeled by Susan Lie PhD Dear Arcturians, Can you tell us what is happening? “Dearest Ones, We answer you and all who read this transmission. YES, something that IS happening to ALL OF YOU. Everyone is receiving the higher frequencies of energy that are moving into and through your bodies in a strange […]