STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions

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The Most Premeditated and Highly OrganizedDepopulation Scheme in World History Wuhan coronavirus pandemic STAGED to cover-up thepublic health crisis caused by the intensive 5G roll-outin Wuhan City in 2019 SPECIAL NOTE: It’s of vital importance for every bioweapon expert, medical researcher, bioengineering scientist and investigative journalist to comprehend the true complexity of this global depopulation […]


5G is the Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System ∞ Richard Enos

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Dr. Katherine Horton sees the current rollout of the 5G network in a way that is different from mainstream perception. And for good reason. To begin with, she is a particle physicist with a PhD from prestigious Oxford University. She worked as a high energy physicist on the particle collider at the German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg, […]